Ultra Low Power RTC
Real time clock/calendar
The NXP PCF8523 and PCF2123 are CMOS devices that combine a real-time clock (RTC) and a calendar. Optimized for low power consumption, they operate at a current of less than 100 nA with a 2.0 V power supply, and consume less than 0.2 μW of power. The PCF8523 uses an I2C-bus serial interface while the PCF2123 is equipped with an SPI serial interface. Both devices are cased in tiny leadless packages that save space in compact designs. This makes them well suited for handheld and battery-operated applications, including bloodpressure monitors and other home-use medical devices, pocket calculators, portable phones, and PDAs. They are also an excellent choice for white goods, such as washing machines, metering units, and other industrial systems. Both devices can be powered by a very small battery cell or a super-cap.
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